L.A. Premiere of "In & Out" to Benefit NGLTF

The National Gay and Lesbian Task Force (NGLTF) will be the beneficiary of an opening night fund-raiser in Los Angeles for Hollywood's latest "coming out" film.

The movie, In & Out, will be released by Paramount Pictures and stars Kevin Kline, Tom Selleck and Joan Cusack. The picture deals with the coming out of the lead character, played by Kevin Kline. Critics have already praised this movie as a giant step in Hollywood's portrayal of gay characters.

Paramount Pictures will host a reception after the film's premiere. Kevin Kline and company executives are expected to attend the premiere as well as the reception after the screening. The Village People will perform at the event.

"I'm very excited about the film and the benefit for NGLTF," said Kerry Lobel, executive director. I am grateful that the Task Force is being recognized for nearly 25 years of work to help change the political climate for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered people as well as the images that define us."

Other corporate giants have joined Paramount Pictures in throwing major financial support behind the efforts of NGLTF, notably the Walt Disney Company and Creative Artists Agency in Beverly Hills. Both companies have made significant contributions to the organization through the premiere benefit. In addition to Kline, Selleck and Cusack, Debbie Reynolds and Matt Dillon also star in the film.

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