Matthew Blazejowski

November 1997

My name is Matthew Blazejowski, 16 and from Chicopee, Massachusetts. A junior in high school. I'm gay and have a boyfriend. We have a long distance relationship and we hope to meet each other in January.

Well, since this is my first article that I ever wrote let me tell you about myself. I'm in love with my boyfriend who I met over the Internet in late August. We have a lot of similar things in common. We both watch the same shows, like the same music, and we both work at music stores. He's 18. I'm 16 1/2.

I never have been so in love with someone and I know I love him because I don't see myself with anyone else and I always think of him and miss hearing his voice after we talk on the telephone. I know this may seem a little to fast but, I'm not saying that we're a perfect couple cause let's face it no one is a perfect couple. We are not lovey-dovey and talk like we've been smoking crack( I don't know about him, JUST KIDDING!).

I love him very much and he's become my new best friend along with my Spanish teacher who is 25 and very cool.

I can't wait to meet him and I know he wants to visit me so, if there's any comments, replies, complaints, bitches, whines, send them to daysnyc@hotmail.com

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