November 1997

Hello again people, this last month has been another roller coaster for me, many deceptions, happy moments, frustrations and new hopes. And all this has to do with this month's topic, which is relationships.

On other news, Puerto Rico was host to the Gay and Lesbian Latino convention, which for the first time was held on the island. The convention was a very good, informative, entertaining one and I hope it will be held again here in the near future because it was really excellent. People from all over Latin America and the USA visited us and formed a great family and community. Clubs and gay places in San Juan were FULL to their limits that week.

The newspaper had a special Sunday edition which portrayed gay life in Puerto Rico and had many things which exposed us to the community to let the island know we're here and have a very large community. It is said that 30 percent of the island population is gay. I don't really know if this is true, but the whole population is around 3.8 to 4 million in a tiny place.

To start this month, I want to open the eyes of many gay teens whom have not yet been in an emotional relationship with another person. First of all, the first crush or romance tends to be the most inspirational, life going, important and shocking of all. If it's good it can leave a life long dream and memory; if it's bad it can leave a big emotional scar. What mostly happen is that since gay teens have never been emotionally with another person, when someone starts flirting with them or just chilling out, they tend to subconsciously fall in love and walk them down the aisle in just a few days. But in some cases, the sad part is that since at that age many teens are just "exploring" they tend to leave the partner alone, and "use" him just for sex.

The point is never rush anything you want to stick with for a long time. Remember, a building cannot be properly erected without a good foundation, the same applies for relationships. You can't "know" someone deeply inside in just a matter of days and sometimes weeks. It's not good to rush things cause at the end all will succumb like a building being demolished.

Take my word for it, it's not good to make all the magic shoot by in a couple of days, give it a little time, sort things out, get acquainted with your partner, get to know him better; that's including pros and cons. Learn to accept that person as he is with virtues and defects. Later when all that is done take the decision to move on or continue.

This is all for this month's section I invite you to visit my GayPuertoRico page in www.geocities.com/westhollywood/9275 or visit me in IRC under the nick "Japer"

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