John V.

November 1997

My name is John V., I'm 16, and a boarding school student from Delaware.

As soon as I finished browsing through the Oasis website for the first time, I knew I had to write an article for the 'zine. It's a very awesome website that all gay and lesbian youth should visit.

Now to my story -- I have been probably one of the more fortunate gay teens in 1990's America. I'm a junior in high school, and this month (October) marks my one year anniversary of figuring out that I was gay.

A lot has happened to me since last October. I won't provide all the details, but I will give the basic story. Last October, I had just broken up with my girlfriend Laura. I attended (and still attend) a high-ranking Episcopalian coed boarding school. You'd think, therefore, that I would never come out to people in such an environment. Well, you're wrong. My process was slow at first, but now I'd guess that nearly the entire student body of 279 knows, or at least a majority of them know, that I'm gay.

I, amazingly, have had no problems since coming out at school. This is an incredibly supportive environment to be in. One of my teachers is the only openly gay teacher here, and he has helped me tremendously. My friends--well, I owe them the world for all their support. The headmaster and I talk frequently about what can be done to make my school an even better place for gay and lesbian students. The assistant chaplain has given me her support, friendship, and love through all of this. My mom has also been my rock through all this and her love and support have helped me immensely.

I don't intend this article to be taken as a biography; rather, I hope that this article will help any gay teens who read it to have the courage to take the chance and come out to a friend, a parent, or a teacher. If they are truly your friends, they will support you to the end, as my friends have me.


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