Paul Sepuya

November 1997

I've got two things to talk about this time around:

Number One

Recently, last night to be exact, I was watching Ellen with my mom and brother. It was the episode where Ellen has that party for the gay community at her house. At the beginning they're making these jokes about gay beer, and then there's the gay plumber, and the gay ice; and it was all a nice laugh. But Mother Dearest didn't think so. Not that she was mean or anti-gay (she has a gay brother and gay son, remember), but just didn't like it. In her own words after a big joke and the audience stopped laughing hysterically: "Is THAT supposed to be funny?"

My brother didn't find any of it funny either, even when it had nothing to do with the gay stuff. Maybe the both of them just aren't comfortable with showing gay people and humor on television. Maybe it's typical of many straight people -- that they're just uncomfortable talking openly about it. I'm glad my friends aren't.

Now for my grand question: Why do straight people laugh at gay jokes when they tell them, but a gay person makes a joke, and it's not funny?

I've heard, and I'm sure all of you have too, gay jokes, and the phrase "That's so GAY!" to describe just about anything someone doesn't like. Oh, it's funny to them in that context, but when a gay joke ISN'T derogatory or insulting, suddenly it looses all comic worth. Just think about that for a minute, decide for yourself about what's going on here. I wouldn't like to implant ignorant thoughts in anyone's innocent little mind.

Number Two

There's this guy at school who knows I'm gay. He's straight, and has no problem with it, but there's one thing. His mind is set on only one thing, which is finding everything out about gay people, especially me.

He constantly asks me about what it's like to be gay, who I like, and a shitload of other questions which make me question his capacity. This is his typical question: "Would you rather get in bed with two women or two men?"; "If you were trapped on an island, would you rather take Gavin or [name of the guy I like]?"; "Do you think Marilyn Manson's cute?"

Wanting to find out more about gay people, fine, but the second questions...Now those are downright STUPID in every way! Do I think Marilyn Manson's cute?! He wears garter belts and capes! Though I do know a girl who used to like him, and fortunately recovered.

And the worst thing about it is he finds it his business to tell EVERYONE that I'm gay, which wouldn't bother me if he would at least tell me who he's told. And when he asks his questions, it's always so loud the whole room or hallway can hear his voice. He's even asked me in front of teachers, which shocked me. I suppose it makes no difference where and when he asks, seeing how almost everyone knows anyway.

This is getting downright annoying, and he has no respect for privacy or any consideration for my situation. Does anyone else have this problem. What should I do to take care of this little wart? I could use some help here! And BTW, he is a nice person when he's not being so inquisitive.

Time for an ending

That's about it for now, and I'll remember next time not to forget till the last minute on things. I've been doing that too much lately with homework and reports. My life is so very occupied with so many people and things, I think need a break. So I'll rest now, while you keep reading the rest of this wonderful thing called Oasis. See ya next time!

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