Simon Thibault

November 1997

What do you obsess about?

This seems to be the question I ask everyone lately. I seem to be doing a lot of it myself.




My masters (which I will soon be doing).


My friend Trudy says I need a year off to just let my brain absorb everything, that I have way too many things in my mind for it be landed. I float too much she says.


Some people have attacked Oasis for being too negative.

Some people here are really angry.



I understand, but I won't let my rage get to me. Besides, I have other shit to wipe off of from my face.


There is a scene in the film "The English Patient" in which one of the characters, Caravaggio, has his thumbs cut off. The first time I saw this I cried. Two nights ago when I saw it again, I crawled into my sheets and cried, my whole body just tensed. I still don't know why.


It's hard sometimes. Hard to open your mouth. Or rather, to open it up and say what you want to.

I need to learn how to do that.

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