Kipp Williams

November 1997

My name is Kipp Williams. I'm 16 years old and African American, so you can guess on hair and eyes. I currently attend The Thacher School in California, but I live in Ohio. That's all you need to know for now....

This is my first time, please be gentle....

I refuse to write a "My Life Sucks" article. Even if it did (which as a teenager I am inclined to say it does), I wouldn't want to bore you with writing an article aimed solely at making you feel sorry for me. How trite!

Why is it that when someone comes out, being gay is suddenly the "only" factor of their life. To use an example from my own life (I'm sorry I'm already breaking my promise!), when my friends want to describe me they say, "Oh... he's about so high, he's black, and he's gay." Wow! Quite a surprise for someone who hasn't met me yet, don't you think? What is it that makes people describe other people as gay? I mean, it's not usually as obvious as eye or hair color. I never thought that we exuded some sort of aura that screamed at other people, "QUEER!!!!" Don't get me wrong, I'm not one to hide myself, but I don't go around flaunting the fact that I'm gay, either. Oh well, just thought I'd ask a simple question....

I've officially decided that having a crush on a "norm" (my own personal term for straights) sucks. Nothing can be done about it, and if that person is gay friendly and you're out to them, it's three times worse. It's had to have happened to all of us at least one time, and every time he smiles, you die a little inside. My friend Adam was telling me how great it would be if this was a world where people came out as straight and not gay. How much fun would that be? Not to sound evil or malicious or anything, but to have the tables turned for a day! If anyone in my reading audience has ever read the book Am I Blue?, You will know exactly what I'm talking about. If only everyone could have their own Melvin!

My fabulous friend Tracy, who has been my role-model and leader my two years at Thacher, is thinking about setting up the National Day of Silence here at my school, but she's having problems with her boyfriend and it looks like the responsibility will fall on me! Wonderful. I may be a Scorpio, but I hate trying to organize anything. I can't even keep my room straight! It ought to be a good experience for the school, though. I wonder how the teachers would take it. Any comments on that from the readers?

I am so ready for the holidays! Just think about what it's like living at school 24-7. Sometimes it's wonderful being near your friends constantly, other times we need to get away before we kill each other. It's a load of laughs though; being able to record and laugh at my friends' mistakes everyday makes it almost worth living at school. there's an ancient Chinese proverb that states, "There is no greater pleasure than watching a friend fall off a roof." What fun! There are a lot of roofs here too...

Well, thanks for staying to read my rambling first. If anyone has any answers to my questions, write! Your friendly type dude,

Kipp, kiwilliams@thacher.org

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