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Letter from the Editor

November 1997

The Internet Survey of Queer and Questioning Youth has now finished accepting participants, and from preliminary glances, it appeared that over 3,000 completed surveys have been received. This will be a phenomenal base from which to pull our findings. The report will appear in Oasis on January 1.

I'd like to thank all the youth who participated, because I am aware of the "guinea pig" nature of being a gay youth online. Everyone's doing an article, experiment, thesis and wants you to talk about being gay or some aspect thereof. We tried to hold off, but do something important when we asked you for your time (not to disparage any other research being done online).

Next month, it's official. Oasis turns two years old, and I think we will be doing what most people do when they are two. A lot of learning, changing and growing. I'm still not sure how much I should say, but there will be a lot of new features here on Dec. 1. Not necessarily in Oasis, but in a new offering we're calling Oasis Youth. I'll say no more. Come back December 1, and you'll see what we will be offering.

Also, I'm still looking for feedback about what Oasis means to our readers, to compile the responses for people to read in next month's issue. Send your comments to jeff@oasismag.com and be sure to include how you would like your text attributed.

There's a lot of work to be done before we turn two, so I should just sign off now and start getting busy.


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