Plans underway for National Day of Silence 1998

The National Day of Silence organizers are already planning for April 8, 1998.

The National Day of Silence is an annual event organized by youth to protest homophobia. On the NDOS, people who take a stand against homophobia, whatever their sexual orientation, take a vow of silence from 8am-5pm. During the day, participants hand out cards explaining the NDOS instead of speaking.

The Day of Silence began in April 1996 at the University of Virginia, and after its success in raising awareness of LGBT issues and creating alliances with many heterosexual students and mainstream organizations, the organizers decided to spread the event to other campuses nationwide. In 1997, over 100 high schools and colleges across the country participated in the National Day of Silence.

Although the NDOS does not in any way intend to "silence" anyone, we feel that organized, visible, symbolic silence can go far toward educating our communities and making ourselves and our allies visible.

The National Co-coordinators of the NDOS, Jessie Gilliam and Maria Pulzetti of the University of Virginia, are extremely pleased to introduce to you our wonderful group of coordinators for 1997-98 (we decided we couldn't do all this work alone!):

Northeast Region: Elissa Mulligan, Middlebury College, mulligan@panther.middlebury.edu

South: Daniela Wotke, College of William and Mary. dwotk@mail.wm.edu

Midwest: Jason Kamrath, Western Illinois University, mujek2@wiu.edu

West: Allyn Roberts, allycat@pacbell.net

High school: Becca Feldman, Minnesota Center for the Arts, ranbowbryt@aol.com

Public Relations: Joshua Jensen, jojensen@uhavax.hartford.edu

We hope that your school is interested in holding the NDOS in April. If you are, please contact the coordinator for your region. If you participated in 1997 and have feedback, please contact Maria Pulzetti (mkp6n@virginia.edu) or Jessie Gilliam (jmg8r@virginia.edu). The NDOS is still a very new event and we want to make as many improvements as possible!

We are all very excited about the impact LGBT youth can have in creating a safer and more welcoming community through the National Day of Silence. Please get your school involved!

Check out our soon-to-be-revised web page at: http://wsrv.clas.virginia.edu/~mkp6n

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