If only I could turn back time

By Danny

I see one crying tonight and his eyes were rivers. I stood there watching the beauty curve letting his tears down to his palms. As he lost hopes and a heart torn apart, he was losing faith. The one he thought he never had. The one he hoped for a long time and never came back. It hurt like hell and burned like fire. Leaving its mark on his chest, so one will never forget.

If only I could hug and spare a piece of my heart, the one that lost in the battle of love and lust. So he would feel a little bit better and he would not be a lake of water. His silky hair and beautiful arms would hold him warmly, tightly, with no blank emotion. So a smile could run through this piece of life.

Dare not to touch or get closer. Because it will do no harm, but it will do damages. Let one through his river along the path. So one can be a man. So one will be a man. Those are lies behind our ears. As such a great game of this life is, and such a pity people cheat. And there are wounds. Those cure life and create a man.

Danny, twilite1@hotmail.com

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