Two Poems by Erwin Jaeger

I took what came

I took what came
Cigarette and an autumn breeze
took my soul away
Compromise unbearable
Random words and images crammed in my cerebral cortex
I was unable to respond quickly enough
Never! Felt it like that before - I could cry - the maiden head of reason spoke to me in words of blood. As my cherry broke and with it the remains of an innocence I once did love...once.
Felt more then understood, feared more then respected, obeyed more then followed
A decision made
A chance missing,
A friend left waiting,
A boyfriend kissed
The future remained a stagnant mire to be faced with strong rubbers and a fertile smile.
If I shall die before I sleep... It's probably for the best.

Looking Forward

Looking at the truth I can see what I want to see.
Looking at the past I can feel what I want to feel
Looking at the present all I see is pain and sorrow
Looking at the future all I can see is the darkest void...
And beginnings......
Beginnings are what happen when the pain has gone on long enough
when deadened senses feel the stuff that tells us there is something more
A guys strong arms in close embraces,
Dentine breath and his sharp braces
That queasy smile, the hardened cock,
He's not a queen or southern jock
But even so
Everything I feel form him tells me there is something to this future stuff after all.

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