Hand over Hand, Climbing that 'Velvet Rope' to our hearts...

By Jason Lyons

It's called The Velvet Rope very fittingly, because once again the vocal Diva, Janet Jackson, has roped my heart.

From the moment this new adventure started spinning in my Discman, my heart began thumping and beating till reaching a near meltdown at the end of this epic, most poetic, creation.

I grooved and ground to "Got till it's gone", then smiled and sang along to "Tonight's the night." But before the last one, I felt a rush of happiness warm-as-hot-chocolate-in-the-middle-of-February overcome my already humming soul. What song caused that particular rush? It's called "Free Xone" and its sweet as Chocolate Suicide cake smothered in Devil's Food ice cream and hot fudge sauce. How about a little taste?

"...Xone Two*Boy meets girl*Boy loses girl*Boy gets cute girl back*Girl meets boy*Girl loses boy*Girl gets cute girl back*Free to be*Who you really are*One rule*No Rules*One Love*FreeXone*Let's get free*...

Yeah, I know, that was just a tease, but go out and get it. I promise you won't be disappointed. It'll leave you all tied up...

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