December 1997

Well it's December, the month of holiday cheer. Those wonderful Christmas decorations the mall put up the day before Halloween finally take on some significance. Hordes of anxious shoppers have descended upon these massive temples to capitalism, credit cards in hand, for the orgy of consumerism that is the holiday shopping season.(Was that a run-on sentence or what?

This month I will talk about what has occurred in my life for the past month. (Okay stop snoring right now!! It's not funny!) Well November started out happy enough. I logged onto my computer and for the first time, saw my name listed in the columns section in this very magazine. I was ready to dance around the room screaming. Luckily saner thoughts prevailed. And I got my first e-mail of encouragement (Thanks Art!)

But, of course everything in life is fleeting, so of course the following week I found out that my most prized possession in the world, my car, needs repair to the tune of $300. So that balanced that out. As far as school goes, things are going okay, though that is seriously in danger. I've got almost no chance of making my hoped-for 3.0, but that's life. But on a happier note, I got to see one of my best friends for an entire weekend. He came up to fair NU to see his girlfriend, who is also a friend. They don't see each other often so you know what happened ALL WEEKEND LONG. The only problem with being friends with both is that I am privy to lurid details of their activities. But it was still great to see him.

Well, between classes and other obligations, I managed to party twice so far, imbibing slightly too much both times. I have been told I am a huge chatterbox when I am drunk, but usually I am able to censor myself when appropriate. Though some of my friends aren't so able.

Interesting anecdote, I managed to out myself to my entire Environment & Man class this month. Let me explain, this class is at 8:00 in the morning so I'm not all there. So basically the professor asked me a question. And in this particular class, you have to stand to address the prof. (He's weird like that) So anyway, I stand up and completely flame out while answering the question. It was horrible, I'm talking the hand gestures, the voice, and everything. What strikes me as odd is that I am usually not at all like that. The funny thing is that I didn't notice it until I sat down and noticed that half of the class was still looking back at me. Looking back it was definitely an interesting event, but one that I could bear not repeating.

Well that's it for this month. I choose to close with some lyrics from one of my favorite songs:

"Mother can't you see I've got to live my life the way I feel is right for me, might not be right for you, but it's right for me"

-Elsewhere ,
Sarah McLachlan

Once again I can be reached at jmarti9073@aol.com so feel free to write me. The little "You've got mail" makes my day.

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