December 1997


"I can't remember why, I chose to say goodbye.
I'm terrified of what I might have severed,
I ended up too high, never learned to fly,
So coming down I'm very thankful (you were there)"

-- Delirium

This has obviously been an interesting month for me as I slowly approach my way to midterms and final examinations (eep!) The Saskatchewan Roughriders just lost and well, life has been going on.

I just spent a week in Edmonton and had a great time. I spent a fair amount of time with my best friend which compensated for all the time that I missed. This also included going to the Temple of Boom which was a not so bad way to introduce him to the rave culture. It was packed with three levels of music and a bunch of cheesy movies being shown on the venue's screen. I didn't fancy the movies too much, but the music was the best. You try to fit 600 in a 350 capacity historical landmark and watch the walls crack and split open as it falls apart. Goodbye first stone structure west of Winnipeg. This was an interesting experience indeed. This week there is one final event called Farewell done by PPM at Diva's. It's so cool because it's full circle when the DJ who founded PPM had begun his career there.

Anyhow, back to Edmonton. Most memorable experiences, well first on was buying a Playgirl in the airport and getting a look of disbelief from the cashier. Ha!! Made good reading material on the plane. That and the latest XY. Personally I think they should look at Canadian boys. That would make me buy about oh.. 20 copies..

Anyhow I met loads of IRC peoples, and fell for one in particular.. I remember being told to stop looking and I just might find someone by default. Well not into one week of taking this advice it happened. We hit it off right off the bat and as a result spend a lot of time together. The last night when I was in the Roost I told him how I felt, and that I would give him as much time as possible to sort things out. He did not say "no" which I breathed a huge sigh of relief over. When I left he hugged me goodbye I told him I would miss him and he kissed me (!). This was intense as I had never been kissed by another guy before. I was so swept off my feet. It was the best because I had loved the fact that he kissed me and it was perfect. I wouldn't have wanted it any other way.

My trip had made me the happiest man when I got home. I not only made loads of friends, I also had the chance to experience my first kiss..

Merry Christmas everyone...

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