December 1997

Freedom & Fate

"Life is like a game of cards. The hand that is dealt you represents determinism. The way you play it is free will." --Jawarharlal Nehru

Hello, all. After a three-month (or was it four?) sabbatical from writing, I have cleared my mind, and the thoughts are rushing from mind to pen like a great river. Today (November 12, 1997), our Great Ideas class had a wonderful discussion about freedom, and determinism.

Not freedom in the sense of "America is free", but in the sense of "Are we free?" The above quote says my opinion on it -- we are taking part in a cosmic game of cards. We're dealt our hand; each card represents something about us - gender, race, and even sexual orientation. THAT is determinism - the idea of some things being set, unchangeable. How we play our cards, that is free will. Freedom. The word has a nice ring to it, doesn't it?

Some say that being "out" is the great freedom. But is it, really? If freedom is the way we play our cards, then it is ALSO freedom to stay "in the closet". Not that I am criticizing those who are "out". Far from it - I applaud you, you've played your hand as you saw fit. Now it's time for everyone else to play that card of theirs.

So in a sense, the truest meaning of "freedom" is to be allowed to be "in" or "out"...closed-minded or open-minded...religious or not. It is our capacity to CHOOSE that makes us free. Play your hand as you see fit - it's the only way you'll ever be free. Until next month, friends and enemies alike.


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