Miguel Solana

December 1997

Well, sorry for not writing last month, but as you can see I'm up and coming this month.

One of the things that I did lately was watching the movie Jeffrey, I thought it would be so difficult to get it over here, but I did, so as soon as I knew where it was, I aimed myself to it, and surely I wasn't disappointed. So this time my thing is going to be dedicated to "The Jeffrey in all of us", I think even if it sounds a bit weird, it's true that we all have something of that character inside of us.

The plot of the movie mainly is based in a man that after having sex and not finding himself satisfied at it -- not because of sex, I put this reason on the relationships held by him -- so as he find sex the most wonderful thing on earth, he decides not to have sex anymore; in a few words the main plot is this, and the movie is going to tell us how is this fight for him, and what means finding love.

Certainly the movie even if is a comedy I think criticizes in a very smooth way some of the not that positive things of what is considered gay stereotypes, and that really shows that being gay doesn't mean to fit in all those actings. Something that I find in all of us as persons is looking to a real relationship, not just going for being gay to look for man, it is trying to find "love", that would be the greatest description of Jeffrey "the man who looks for himself, going for something more than sex, in the search of love", may be in the movie this isn't showed that clear, but at least all the points on him are quite expressive of how a man can feel, when there is a missing of love.

Then so, when Jeffrey finds love, there comes one of the hardest things, it doesn't come on the form we would like to -- or even think -- so that brings one of the biggest dilemmas in Jeffrey -- and I think in everybody-- "how to cope with our feelings?" That's when I suppose the total blend between all men comes, when we have to accept that love comes in forms we never wondered, but as it is something from the deep sorrow, there's going to come the time when we deal with it. When we realize we can't fight against it, or against us, is something about the things that we carry inside, so we can't change that, that is the greatest struggle in Jeffrey's character, that made him as human as all of us, how sometimes the physical won't mean that much, and our real feeling is going to come to light our way.

The movie is truly amazing, it's just a way to present the feelings, that actings, of any man, in a very satirical way, taking all the knowledge on it through laughs and jokes, but in the back something that we all have "The struggle to find ourselves in love."

So if by chance you come across it, just grab it, take it to home, and watch it, you will be amazed on how good this movie is.

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