December 1997

Hello, all you people out there reading Oasis magazine. I know how it feels to log on to this website with excitement, waiting to read writing from queer teens. I love this magazine, it has been a great help during the last year or so that I have read it every month. Now, I would like to share my story.

Before I accepted myself as a member of the 10 percent population of the world (probably more) who are queers, I always used to wonder what it would be like to be discriminated against, and be one of the many oppressed people in society. I felt, and still feel, a strong sense of solidarity with other minority groups. Then I realized that I was in a minority group

I have always stood out in a crowd. I'm different and somewhat strange. Being queer is just another part of the person I am. I LIKE that person! I think that being gay is something that is cool and that it is a beautiful thing.

I feel capable of loving a male or female, if our souls connect. I definitely find men attractive, but I think that true love isn't really about sexual feelings, or what gender you are. It's the person inside. It may sound cheesy, and I'm not quite sure how it works, but I genuinely hope that if I fall in love with someone, it shouldn't matter whether they are guys or girls. But you see, I am searching for someone who can make my mind up about this theory. I can't be completely sure of my sexuality until I fall in love. This is a cry for help!

I need a lover who I can share my heart, body, and soul with. I need a guy to fall in love with. I have begun to think that I am the only queer teen under 18 on this side of the border (Canada). Readers, if you're out there, especially in Canada, please help me! I'm sorry if this sounds more like a personals ad in the paper than an article in a magazine, but I just had to get the message out - Stuart is totally available!!!!!

About me: I am a 14 year old grade nine student, living in a town near Toronto, Ontario. I have blond-ish hair, blue eyes, and I am tall.

I love to revel in all the world's beauty. At heart, I am an artist, a writer, an actor, a singer, and a politician. (Well, maybe politics isn't beautiful, but it definitely interests me. My goal: to become Canada's first openly gay Prime Minister, and help out all the other gays and lesbians in my country. Not only that, help the poor, the members of Canada's artistic community, and so many other underdogs.)

A question on my mind lately has been, what is considered "gay" music? I love Abba, Elton John, Bette Midler, and a lot of other female vocalists like Sarah Maclachlan. If you happen to look at the back issues of Oasis, there was a Mexican guy writing for this magazine. If you ever link onto his site, he has a list of his favorite musicians and bands. I was shocked when I visited the site, because it was practically all of the same musicians I love! (Especially the Cranberries). Anyway, enough rambling, as Ellen would say. (I love her show so much!). Speaking of Ellen, I happened to be watching the beginning of the show when a message came on the screen said something like:


I was infuriated! It turned out, the episode was about Ellen meeting her partner's daughter, and the conflict they have because the daughter thinks Ellen is ashamed of her own (and her mother's) sexuality. It was a great episode for kids to watch. Call me crazy or stupid, but I didn't happen to come across any adult content!

Anyway, enough for now. Please e-mail me!!!! Oh, and Merry Christmas.


P.S: My e-mail address is wendymac@limestone.kosone.com If you're wondering why it starts with wendy, it's a family member's name. Don't worry, I am a queer GUY, not a girl pretending to be one or anything!

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