James Wilde

December 1997

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writeln('As I'm new here I though that I'd start with a song, but as a 4Mb WAV file was a bit excessive I'll just write out the words. It's called 'Listen Up', by Oasis and I think it says a lot about me.

Listen Up,
What's the time,
Said today I'm gonna speak my mind.
Take me up to the top of the world,
I wanna see my crime.
Day by day there's a man in a suit,
He's gonna make you pay,
For the thoughts that you think and the words they won't let you say.
One fine day gonna leave you all behind,
It wouldn't be so bad if I had more time.
Sailing down the river alone,
I've been trying to find my way back home,
But I don't believe in magic,
Life is automatic,
But I don't mind being on my own.

I bet only a few people actually bother to read down this far, they've all left saying things like, 'sad oasis junkie'. They're probably right, but for anyone left reading I'll tell you a little about myself. I'm called James, and I live in the UK (that little island that once owned America), in a city called Manchester. I doubt that you've heard of it. I am 18 and I'm gay. (2 very hard words to write down for me) I'm in the closet mostly, but a few of my friends know about my sexuality (not that I have many friends though). I also use brackets far too much, and I can't spell. I've been on the Internet for over 5 years now and have been reading Oasis since its conception. I've been meaning to write a column and I've just never got around to it so this month I put a mental gun to my head and forced myself to write.

Writing isn't something that I do well really, I only got a B at GCSE English and after that I dropped the subject. I have noticed that some of the people on Oasis seem very artistic and do loads of plays and stuff, I'm not really like that, I am more into the sciences (I am taking Maths (note the 'S' please), Physics and Computing A-Levels at college and I hope to study Computing Science at University) so don't expect lots of philosophy here :)

So that's me. Not a lot there really. I have written a few poems that I will probably put into a future issue, but they're not very good. As I said before I'm out only to a few friends but sometimes I don't think they actually believe that what I've told them is true, they seem to think it's a joke, It takes a lot to tell someone something so personal and it hurts when people don't seem to believe you. Sometimes I think I will have to kiss another boy in front of them before they believe me (but there's not much chance of that happening, and that's not from lack of trying). Argh, the only other gay people I know are on the net, I don't know anyone local and it drives me mad, I feel so lonely sometimes, plus there are loads of really fit lads here, it's hard not to drool I can tell you.

Anyway, I'll bid you adieu for this month and next month I promise to write a more structured column that will actually address an issue, and will not have too many brackets (like this) in it. If you feel like pointing out some of the many mistakes in the column, flaming me, or just want someone to chat to, you can mail me at jameswilde@netmaster.force9.net If anyone does send me a mail I promise to reply. (unless it says HOW TO EARN $$$$$'s NOW!!!!!!!!, in which case the person will learn just how much I know about TCP/IP)

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