Aztec Yhessin

December 1997

A Quick Little Praise to Oasis and its Creator

Although this is only the second time that I have written for Oasis, I have found that it is a wonderful way to express myself freely to other youth-youth whom are gay, lesbian, bisexual, straight, transgender, curious, and all others who fall into any other category.

I think that one of the most important things for an adolescent is self-expression. It is one of the richest things any adolescent can do to find him/herself, free him/herself, escape from his/her boundaries, or just let out the steam that's been building up for a period of time.

In current society, most young people do not have a chance to talk aloud, or any listening ears, so they are usually incapable of expressing themselves in any way. Not to mention gay and lesbian (etc.) youth, who have even a harder time simply LIVING through their high school and college years. If you're too loud, if you're too quiet, if you're a gay, a straight, a queer, a pillow-biter, a dyke, a fag -- anyone, you have a problem finding ears to listen to you, and that is one of the most important things that Oasis offers its readers and writers.

This is something that I highly credit Oasis for; having the strength, the patience, and the goal to give us youth the ears and eyes for our expression. What a wonderful world the web is, eh?

And Now, What's Been going on in My Head the Past Month

Being a bisexual male, involved in a local gay-lesbian-bisexual-t* youth group, I often have to subject myself to conversation with ignorant people. Some of these people, especially VERY out homosexual males, tend to think that my sexual preference is a cop out, due to my want not to identify myself as a complete homosexual.

Well, that's incorrect. Although a lot of people out there tend to call themselves bisexual or straight, when they're really homosexual, and don't want to admit it, it does not apply to everyone, and if you believe that, it is an ignorant belief.

It's over-generalization, like thinking that everyone who smokes a joint every-once-in a while is a heroin addict, and that everyone who drinks coffee is a caffeine-junky, and everyone who's interested in the same sex is HIV positive.

There is no such thing as a complete. Not one person is completely good, or completely bad. Not one person can do anything in Math, but nothing in English. No one can be completely right, without having many wrongs. It's an issue of balance. No one can be completely at one end of the scale.

And this type of thinking pisses me off, since I run into it a lot, especially when it deals with the topic of bisexuality.

So, in my spare time one day, I came up with this little analogy.

The Analogy:

Against a wall, on a warm sunny day, standing for profile, are six people.

I've used the stereotypes of these subjects for more of an appeal, and to accentuate my point.

Subject 1. sees himself as a rather macho-man, find's Subject 2., Subject 3., and Subject 4. to be completely disgusting, since homosexuality or, the way he puts it, 'fucking faggots' will all be damned to hell and will procreate with others, to create even more 'homosexual demons.' He sees Subject 5. as an extreme turn on, and wishes that he could watch her 'get it on' with another girl. He finds Subject 6.'s breasts absolutely fascinating.

Subject 2. finds Subject 1. to be extremely annoying, an idiot, and hates him due to this. He believes that Subject 1. should 'Find The Way To Be Gay.' He respects and supports Subject 3., and supports her in whichever way she goes. He finds Subject 4. to be scared shitless of himself, and believes that he should 'find the truth' into the true kingdom of homosexuality and come 'completely' out of the closet, or burn in Hell for his own denial. Subject 2., being against individuals who identify themselves as bisexual, argues, as well, that Subject 5. is simply a slut who can't get enough sex, and does not respect her. He would like to hang out, smoke cigarettes, and talk about men with Subject 6., though, she does not accept his company.

Subject 3. hates Subject 1. due to his gender and sexual preference. She completely supports and accepts Subject 2., though is disgusted by Subject 4., due to his gender, and sexual preference. She believes that his self-identified 'condition' of bisexuality is present only for the manipulation of females who think that it's cool. Subject 3. is in love with Subject 5., and wants to hop in bed with her, while Subject 6. is believed by her to be a stupid little girl.

Subject 4. is a pretty good friend with Subject 1., though is not attracted to him, contrary to what Subject 2. and 3. believe. He tries to say hello to Subject 2. occasionally, but is denied existence, then views Subject 2. and Subject 3. talk about him behind his back. Subject 4. is a best friend with Subject 5., and communicates with her through E-mail, since they are studying at different colleges. He occasionally gets together with Subject 6. to discuss current cute guys that are involved in their lives.

Subject 5. does not at all respect Subject 1., and has to dodge many come-ons by him. She seldom converses with Subject 2., speaking about non-important things, such as the weather, though, overall respects him. Subject 3. frequently asks her if she would like to join the support group she is involved with concerning female-equality and sexual harassment towards women in the workplace. Subject 5. always denies her invitation. Subject 4. and 5. have been best friends since high school, and communicate frequently through E-mail, while Subject 6. and Subject 5. say 'hello' to each other politely during the classes that they share.

Subject 6. is attracted to Subject 1., though resents his immaturity. Subject 6. tries to avoid Subject 2., especially after he has been drinking. When Subject 3. approaches Subject 6., Subject 6. runs away, trying to avoid who she calls 'Satan,' and converses with Subject 4. about current cute guys that are involved in her life. Subject 6. views Subject 5. as an overall nice person, who she frequently says 'hello' to in class.

Subject X., a 22-year-old male, helping to complete the profile, is standing behind the persons asking the questions wondering what Subject 1., Subject 2., and Subject 4. look like naked. He is a closeted homosexual male, who forces him to check Subject 5. and Subject 6. out, just to feed the denial that he's bisexual.

He doesn't even look at Subject 3.

The End.

* * *


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