GayWeb announces free banner network

GayWeb is proud to announce the launch of its free banner exchange for gay and lesbian websites.

Featuring a "No-Cost" alternative to high priced banner advertising, the GayWeb Free Banner Network seeks to offer gay and lesbian websites an opportunity to promote their websites for free.

"When we first started on the internet, you could practically count the number of gay and lesbian web sites on one hand," says GayWeb founder and president, Mark Cave. "Now the internet is so large and the number of sites is enormous. It is difficult for any one site to get found. It is my hope that our banner program will build a powerful network of sites promoting one another."

GayWeb offers the banner exchange program as a free service to anyone with a webpage, whether a business, a non-profit organization, or homepage. With the addition of a few lines of code, members will display banners from other peoples sites.

Each time a banner is displayed on a members webpage, that person will earn credits that will allow them to display their banners on another person's page. Unlike other banner exchange programs, the GayWeb Free Banner Network is aimed at promoting primarily gay and lesbian websites.

In addition to credits gained through the display of banners on a page, members can gain additional credits by becoming a member of the GayWeb Free Chat Network. "Not only will members be gaining extra banner exposures, they will be offering a valuable service to their site." says Chat Programmer Chris Hernandez, "We've put a lot of work into our chat program and I believe it is one of the best chats in operation today." The GayWeb Chat Network is another free service offered exclusively by GayWeb.

"I'm excited about the new service." states Customer Relations Manager, Steve Martinez. "The World Wide Web is such a huge place, this link exchange program will help people find their way in a world where it's easy to get lost."

GayWeb is the leading Gay and Lesbian shopping site on the internet. Launched in 1995 with a mere dozen companies, GayWeb has grown to include over 130 participating companies and is accessed by over 10,000 visitors a day.

GayWeb's home page is located at http://www.gayweb.com

Sign-Up and other information for the the Free Banner Network can be found at http://www.gayweb.com/banner_exchange/

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