Four Poems

By Erwin Jaeger

How Coffee is like a blowjob

Get it where you can feel it
in public, at home, on the street
Look, stare, stare some more
lips water,
saliva glands kick in like a flash flood
taste it
lick it
have it
lips touch and blow warm air across its rim
licking the cream from its raising head
sitting on a counter, in the woods, in an ally
with all its little intricacies
swirling fluids within fluids
all held in a tight solid container
bound at the sub atomic level
I take it in
hot and strong
hits the back of my throat
gag reflex kicks in
I resist, hold off
taste it
feel it
enjoy it
tickles my tongue
as it plays with its new contents
and my pallet goes wild
I feel so young
distant memories
I swallow
I want more
but its dry
And its empty
and its late
And now I crave a cigarette


Growing Old at 22.

Dreaming of the day I grew older
Not older but really old
It happened when I was twelve
Don't Drink, Don't Smoke, Don't lust after men
No sex no drugs no wine no women
Stand up straight
Don't fight (back)
Call me Sir
& The sound of innocence dying was all I heard that day.
As I had my first crush on a boy and the years of hell truly began in earnest


Personal Oasis

Look to me in your darkest hour
I remind you that you are not alone
Remember me when thoughts turn sour
and you find your razors cutting zone
Remember me as you dream at night
bandaged wrist now out of site
And as you dream you cry and fight

follow the lines.
I'll stay with you always
There's always hope in numbers


Mantra of Grace

I stand as a poet an angel a thief
I find inspiration within my belief
Belief of the spirit
Belief of the truth
Belief that requires
No witness or proof

I stand as an angel of true fallen grace
the blood words of other are shown on my face
I stand as a thief as best as I can
The hearts I have taken were woman and man
Among fallen angels I see no embrace
I mould my own Jesus then spit in his face
I stand in shadows
And find solace
My amoral standard set me apart
The world is my oyster I guess that's a start

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