Three Poems

By Paul Sepuya



tangled about my neck
clinging, grasping the flesh
salvation hangs on to me
like a slave's cold chain

many years past a gift
precious metals now rust
burning into me a mark
that i must bear eternally

why do i still hold on?
even as its power fades
fluttering out of my life
as i fall to my knees
and slip into darkness

Ain't that strange?



Warm, soft fabric
woven into patterns
adorning your physique
the latest Versace jeans
Haute-Couture everything
made to cover the sin
of awareness of nakedness
but i just became aware
clothes can't hide the fact
I'm still naked underneath



Alone she lays in the hall
as the essence of life flows
flowing as a life-giving stream
paradoxical flow, flowing death

the self-righteous souls crusading
crusading to rid the world of Them
so they bathe their hands in blood
blood of innocent souls

all she did was to love, and be loved
yet no one could return her love
and this love brought her silence
crying, sobbing in silence

now Time has fluttered away
the Saviour at her mind's door
she did not deserve this fate
forgive them for what they've done

so who's really going to hell
for the sins of the two cities past?
those who give, and love, and care?
no, it will be the so-called righteous
who are the farthest from right

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