By Stephen

Asleep in hiding
my mind awakens
newfound hope, newfound love
epiphany of my soul

in coming out, I
dared to think that
life would be so much more
I was wrong

I stare alone at
the darkness in
my heart, yearning for a
flame to light its way

it finds nothing here
in this great void
cacophonous sounds from
hell erupting

the people here laugh
and turn in scorn
I am not wanted, yet
I am one of them

They reject me, these
callous fiends who
live where I have lived, for
a difference I could not cause

They say it is a
choice, my life a
sham, perpetuated by
the evil demons

But there are demons
within these souls
who torment me daily, in
the name of god

they say, while not
following the law they
quote religiously

But I know what they
are, and I do
challenge, these creatures who
do harm to me

A society of
demons who hate
and inflict demons on
us, the innocent

Though not virgin to
hate I still need
acceptance, a chance to
live my life as you do

A happy life, with
those I love, and
friends I cherish, a life
by right

They tell me to change
to become a
drone of normalcy, to
live a lie

Lying is not for me
to be in truth
virgin to the way of
god, in demons' grasp

Asleep, in hiding
my mind is dead
killed by misled people,
by evil's claim

©1997 Oasis Magazine. All Rights Reserved.