Robbie Gill

January 1998

Hi everyone this is my first (of hopefully many) articles appearing in Oasis. As this is my first issue I thought I should give you a little bit of information on me and my family. My name is Robbie Gill, at the time I am writing this I am 14 but on January 7, I will be 15. I sing and dance (I am not that good in dancing but show me the step and give me a week). I love to sing. I have won some awards for my singing. However this is not my only talent. I play in the marching band, am a student athletic trainer, an a member of the 94, 95, and 96 internationally renowned and champions high school Key Club International. When I am not doing any of that, I am a member of the freshman executive council, a writer for my school's newspaper, The Eagle's Eye, a Boy Scout, and a highly active SADD (Students Against Dumb Decisions) member. And as if I could find spare time I like to sleep. But you can imagine why. Oh yeah, I am gay.

Congratulations, you are the first person I have told. I have hinted to my friends though, but they think I was joking. In a way I am joking, because I am secure enough to admit it to myself and that is what matters.

Okay, enough of that. I will talk more about that later. Now, on to my family. My parents have been married 16 years. This is my dad's first and my mom's second. I have a sister. She is 24, and has her house and a husband. Three out of four grand-parents are still alive. I have a step-grandfather who has been nicer to me then the world. I am closer to my dad's parents then I am anyone else. Over the summer I practically live over their house. I have had many good times over there. I do have a gay relative, my uncle. He is opening a restaurant that I hopefully will work in. I feel that would be a good time to tell him. I trust him. My one of my aunt's is a biker babe (bitch whatever) she has been married at least 5 times and has three kids with three people.

Over time I hope to share with you my feelings on a variety of subjects. I hope I did not bore you to much today if you want to reach me you can e-mail me at Sal-leg@aol.com (I know I hate AOL too). All e-mail read and most replied to. Sorry no picture maybe next time!



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