Lincoln Ho

January 1998

Hi everybody!

This is my first time writing for Oasis so I really don't know what to write. So I'll just introduce myself in this column and so you'll get to know me better than what you already know (nothing).

My name is Lincoln Ho and I'm from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. I'm currently 14 and my birthday is on February 4, 1983, so that means I'll soon be 15. I immigrated to Canada from Hong Kong in 1989 and lived in Toronto. Then, a year later, I moved to Edmonton and that is where I've been living since. I like music a lot, especially Cantonese pop (Cantonese is the language they speak in Hong Kong). I like watching movies and love Japanese food.

In my school life, I go to a grade 9 IB class, so I'm really learning grade 10 stuff. I also am the editor of my weekly school paper that I am very proud of. It's a lot of work for me and now that I'm telling people I'm making money from it and I'm gay, the paper's getting a little competition. Well, speaking about my paper and since this is Oasis, I've included an article that was in my paper about what I think about gay rights.

Here it goes:

Times are Changing It's Okay to be Gay

Lincoln Ho, Editor

Over the past few weeks I've thought of about an issue that has been dealing a lot with me as a person. The topic? It is gay rights.

What's the big deal about gays? It's just like any other thing such as being Jewish or being black. We've come to our senses when it's come to racism and sexism but when is discrimination of gays going to be attached with the two? Although it isn't as hard to be gay these days as it was ten years ago, mostly thanks to the internet, gays are still seen as taboos or made into jokes when insulting another person. Here's a frightening fact: 30 percent of all suicides are of queers (gay, lesbian, bi, trans) being too scared to face this world. I found it not shocking to me. In fact, I thought that it would have been higher taking the fact even from our own neighborhood, we, as a community don't see gays as people.

The Alberta government gave protection rights for cultural groups and the poor but they refuse to protect gays. They've recently put money into studying gay lifestyles to put in a museum exhibit, gays have also been rejected for being perfectly fine foster parents, and Delwin Vriend, a gay activist, was fired from a college a few years ago and was fighting the government in supreme court last week. In Canada, seven provinces have already gave rights for gays. How long will it take Alberta to do the same? Under the Canadian rights, everyone should have equal rights and be treated equally and what about the verse in the bible "Do to others what you want them to do to you." (Matthew 7:12). I haven't seen that yet.

I know that in the many faiths, it is not right to be gay but that still does not give people permission to discriminate against them. We've all sinned before so it's no big deal. Under God, all sins are the same no matter if you kill someone or steal a chocolate bar.

The Pope and the Catholic church are now saying to love gays like everybody else. They even state that you are born gay and it's not a decision that you choose (and anyway, who would actually choose to be gay if they had a choice?). I agree with that strongly but how many centuries has it taken them to finally say that? Is being gay that big of an issue to fuss about? We can be dealing with the kids in Bosnia by now if we would just work out our differences. What did you expect a gay person to be? They are normal people in every way except for the fact that they're gay. There is absolutely no way to tell who's gay and who isn't unless they tell you. You can't tell by how they dress, how they act, how they work, etc. That's how it goes in real life.

One last word if you're still reading this, to all the people in the closet out there, I'm just telling you that you're not alone and IT'S OKAY TO BE GAY!

Well, I think that you're getting bored of this and want to watch TV or something so I'll conclude (you're not supposed to use that word in a conclusion but who cares) this by saying thank you for reading my first Oasis column. Also read my poem called "I don't exist" in the arts and entertainment section!!! It's one of my best pieces of writing so don't miss out on it!

If you'd like to contact me, my e-mail address is tci@iname.com and please address me as Nathan or title it "Re: Oasis" so I know that it's one of the people that read my column. You can also ICQ me at UIN 5147138.

C-ya all soon! Lincoln

About Me... Hi! I'm Lincoln Ho and is currently 14. I was born in Hong Kong, UK. That means I was born BEFORE it was China which means that I was born as a British citizen!!! Anyway, I love writing to penpals So if you aren't already, drop me a memorandum (memo)!

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