Erwin Jaeger

January 1998

Well this will be the most uncharacteristic column I've done so far because well... I have no topic. Ok this isn't exactly true. I had a few column topics picked out and I even made the effort of writing a few rough drafts. The only problem was that whenever I plunked them into my presario 586 Pentium 90 (this month's sponsor) they all seemed to miss that essential ingredient that made the past columns what they were. Oh yeah ,now I remember what it was, STRUCTURE!!! So for this month's rant I've chosen to uncharacteristically spout what is on my mind and on my SEF (Social Emotional Financial) plate. And so it begins...

As I write this, Christmas is a week away and I'm quickly finding that its just another day. I can hear you gasp in disbelief at this comment. Just another day you gasp!!!??? With all the time and money thrown at overpriced gifts, mushy cards and over \zealous shopping extravaganza's "sales" happening with equally over zealous half mad consumers all blitzed out of their minds on Christmas joy, good cheer and the overwhelming urge to kill Kill KILL (or was that shop Shop SHOP! same difference in my opinion). But seriously. If all businesses weren't closed on the 25-27 I would have just assumed they were just work days holding no emotional connections for me. It sounds so crass. The idea of Forgetting Christmas!!!?? *Gasp*

But I think of it this way. If you didn't step into a mall, watch television or listen to the radio, how would you really know it was happening, and if you never bought into( pardon the pun) Christmas hype. How would you know about it and would you care? But more importantly, how much would the lack of gift exchange affect the way you see Christmas? Personally I think it refined what I like about having those days off (ok, I'll say it.. It made what I like about Christmas more noticeable) Being with people who care for me and enjoying their company, remembering the good times and keeping the peace for the short period we have together as a family before our lives and personal obligations drag us away again. I could do without the gifts (and have for the most part) and I think I'm a better person for it.

But this is all hearsay really because by the time you read this there will be 364 days till the above words hold any relevance whatsoever. But that's my column and next will deal with Valentines day and getting on with finding God(s).

See ya next month.

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