January 1998

Welcome to 1998, Happy New Year

I hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas. Well a lot has happened since I wrote my December column. I've met a lot of people on IRC who read it and got a few e-mails and most importantly I came out to my mother and we both went to a PFLAG meeting this month.

Well, coming out was about ten times better than I had expected but, I was right she did suspect that I was gay mainly from things that her boyfriend had found in the cache on Netscape. Which reminds me of the other thing that I have to do in this issue, which is to apologize to him for saying that he was a major homophobe because he is the complete opposite which I think is really great.

Nothing much has changed but I won't really know until I go home after exams at the end of this week for Christmas. So far it's been a really good experience. The only thing is I wish now that I had done it sooner and then I would not have had to hide most of my life from my parents. All in all this month has been great

I guess a few other things happened this month but nothing as major as coming out but, then again what else is that major? A good friend loaned me the soundtrack for RENT. It was really good. I've got to go out and get a copy of it. Now we are trying to get tickets to see it in Toronto.

Well, that's it for this month. Hope to hear from anyone who enjoyed it and especially anyone who lives in Sarnia Ontario

Till next time,


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