John V.

January 1998

"A Little on Love"

For all those of you who don't remember or know me from my November 1997 article, I'm John V., a high school junior at a boarding school in Delaware. I'm 16.

Anyway, much has developed in my life since my last article. I now have a boyfriend, Jeff. I actually had been e-mailing him at the time I wrote my last article, but we were still getting to know each other at that time. We met because he saw my AOL profile, which describes me as a "boarding school student." Jeff e-mailed me, wondering why anyone where I live would want to go to boarding school since the public schools are so good. (He managed to miss the fact that under "marital status" on my profile, I have "single and gay.")

Anyway, we started e-mailing and talking on the phone, and finally over my Thanksgiving break I got to see him a couple times. He's such a cutie! Anyway, he had never been with a guy before, but I had. Neither of us had had anal sex, though. So, with a candle lit, throwing our shadows on the wall, we both lost our virginity to each other. It was seriously the most fun and happy week of my life. Just to spend hours alone with someone you love is so awesome. I miss the taste of his kiss. But, at the time I'm writing this article, I only have 4 days left until my Christmas break.


The second best week of my life was the week right after my Thanksgiving break (my first week back at school). I found out a ton of good news. I nailed my SAT's, I got Highest Honors on my report card, and I nailed my PSAT's. So, I'm no longer very worried about college. The downside to this has been that one of my friends, Meredith, who has been sensitive about her grades all fall term, got upset when I told her about my report card. She thinks I told her just to make myself look good, but really all I was doing was saying, "Hey! Something good happened to me, and I wanted to tell you because you're my friend, and I know you won't take it the wrong way."

Meredith does not see things my way, however, and thinks that I should refrain from talking about any good things that happen to me. She recognizes that I did nothing wrong, however. So, basically, Meredith isn't making any sense -- on one hand, she sees that I did nothing wrong, but she wants me to act differently. This I just can't understand -- she's the one with the insecurity problem -- she should be the one to try and change!

Anyway, Meredith has now made me paranoid about telling anyone about my successes because now I'm afraid everyone will look at me like Meredith did. Most of my friends see things from my point-of-view, and think that Meredith should apologize to me. I don't really care one way or another if she apologizes, and I really don't think she can swallow her pride and apologize anyway. Some of my friends are somewhere in the middle and aren't really taking sides, which is understandable. At any rate, I would just like to walk into the same room as Meredith and not feel awkward or mad.

That's all for this article. Thanks to Oasis for your continued support!

Love, John


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