January 1998

I am 20 and am a third year arts student.


"Break the mold, break your back,
Break the promise you made,
See the world now, don't look back,
Make your promise today
Leave the safety, leave this life,
Leave before it's too late,
It's your only chance, don't pretend romance,
Keep the new promise you've made..." - Victor

As I write for the new year, I know that some of us are gonna be focusing on new year's resolutions (ones that I'm sure to keep) I know that even though it's mid December and the next issue of Oasis isn't until the beginning of January, I can't really think of any kind of resolutions to make. In fact, I've really never made any resolutions in the past few years since I began university. Okay, one resolution I made (but it was in Sept) was to get to know the guy in my Philosophy class that I found really cute. For the longest time I dreaded going to class because I hate the Prof., the stuff wont sink in, and he's a lousy teacher. High school people does this sound familiar to you? (Big surprise there). And well?? It has been done. I'm having a Christmas Party and he'll be there. Not bad don't you think?

In this month's Perceptions, one of my friends who is bi submitted an article on bisexuality and how bisexuals in Saskatoon are "not allowed to be proud". Wahoo!! Someone to help me fight the good fight. Actually, I've been not so outspoken when it comes to my bisexuality and being what seems to ill us a lot in life. After being in Edmonton for yet another week, well it's been a real eye opener. Speaking of Edmonton, that guy from IRC that I really liked finally broke up and err, got back together with his boyfriend. We still remain friends, which is great, but it was time for me to move on and pursue other interests. Edmonton was a real learning experience though, and I will never forget that much.

Okay so I've thought of some New Years resolutions. Tell me how these sound:

1. I resolve to come out even more in 1998.- This is an obvious one. I think this in a sense is a given. I have made so much progress in coming out to my friends and this is so important to me as I continue my studies at the University.

2. I resolve to continue a legacy in my community and strive to push forward Saskatoon's underground dance scene. This was a leading factor in my coming out, and even though the Plastic Puppet Motive is no longer existent within Saskatoon, people still need to hear the music that brought everyone together under Peace, Love, Unity and Respect. I am eternally grateful for the PPM's involvement in what Saskatoon holds proud as a tradition.

3. I resolve to still adhere to the advice "stop looking and you'll eventually find someone." Hey, it worked the first time.... And finally....

4. I resolve to be myself.

Happy New Year everyone

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