January 1998

As a sort of review from my columns from last year, I've put together what I call "The Ten Gay Commandments." While this is meant to be serious, remember that there is a bit of humor thrown in for good measure.

The Ten Gay Commandments

1) Act like a respectable person in public and you shall be respected.

2) Treat others as you would expect them to treat you.

3) Lisp not in public if you do not in private.

4) The warning mothers gave their daughters about men with beer breath applies to us too.

Wear symbols of your sexuality only if you can accept that all eyes will be on you.

6) Have condom-less sex only if Russian Roulette is a favorite pastime.

7) The way you carry yourself today will affect how future generations carry themselves tomorrow.

8) If you accentuate the positives the negatives will be noticed less.

9) Bareback only if you want to end up flat on your back...six feet under.

10) Age thirty is not the end of life, it's just the beginning.

Happy New Year!!!!!!


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