January 1998


Last month I wrote that Eric's Mom had given him his father's address and told him that he was free to contact him, it would be his choice. Well, Eric wrote to his father, sent some pictures and waited for a response. . . without telling me what he had done. I think he was afraid to get his hopes up just to be disappointed?

Miracles happen.

One Friday after school I came home and Eric and his Mom were sitting in our living room and they told me that Eric's father was flying to New York City from California for a business trip and he arranged to have a several hour layover in a city a few hours from where we live. . . Eric wanted me to be with him for this and my parents agreed!!! I don't think I've ever seen him so excited before!

Let me just say that I'm not a big fan of car travel, especially anything more than a hour or so, but this was something I just couldn't miss out on, and Eric needed me to be with him.

The airport we had to go to was totally amazing (I'm not going to say which one) and it was like a mall inside the terminal! We have a nice mall where I live, but it's nothing like this place, and the security there is unreal. . . I got nervous about having to go through the metal detectors, and with my dumb luck I set them off!

We waited nervously at the terminal for his flight to come in and naturally it was late! An hour later it arrived and Eric just stood there waiting for his Dad to come off, and when he did Eric just ran up screaming "Dad!" and hugged him for a few minutes. . . they look so much alike that there's no doubt he's his father! His Mom and I stood there watching the whole thing, and she had tears running down her cheeks. . . well, so did I. Eric finally brought his father over to us and the two adults hugged and kissed and told each other how they looked the same after all these years, and then Eric introduced me as "his boyfriend" and I shook his hand and he told me about how Eric had told him so much about me, and that he's glad I'm his boyfriend. . . I was totally stumped for what to say so I just smiled.

His father bought dinner for us, and we sat there and talked almost until his flight was ready to leave. . . he's one of the most interesting persons I've ever met. He filled us in on his life, and I felt like I didn't belong there hearing this stuff, a lot of it was real personal.

Eric Sr. (Eric and his father have the same first and middle names, although Eric goes by his Mom's last name) has been working for a large computer firm in California since he left the military, and has been living in a gay relationship for almost ten years with another guy. They plan on being married when it's legal in that state, although he said he wasn't hopeful about that happening any time soon.

I totally felt like I should be there when Eric asked his Dad about how he knew he was gay, and it turned out that father and son have quite a lot in common -- he had done lots of experimenting with other guys when he was a younger, and he even was going with a guy secretly while he was in high school. Then he met Eric's Mom and they went together for a long time, and he hoped that he could be "normal", but he just couldn't change the way he was and when she found out he was seeing another guy it was over. He told Eric that if he had know she was pregnant that he would have been there for him from the beginning, but he never knew.

He told us that he had always wanted to be a father but he just couldn't see being married, and adoption was out of the question for him, so he joined the Big Brothers program and is now a mentor to a 11-year-old boy (he showed us a picture of him and he's cute!) and he said that the experience has made him want to be a father even more! Now that he has a son, he's wants to be a part of Eric's life and try to make up for all the lost years, and he wants Eric to go to my school next year!!!

When he heard his flight being called he told us how much he regretted having to leave , but "business is business" and Eric started to crying and his father brushed the tears from his cheeks and gave him a kiss on his forehead. . . the same thing my own father had done for me many times. . . and then he handed me an envelope with instructions not to open it until I was at home, and then gave Eric's Mom and finally Eric an envelope with similar instructions. He gave all of us hugs (awesome hugger!) and then boarded his flight.

We didn't say much on the drive home-actually Eric and I slept in the back seat together -- but when we got back home Eric's Mom told me that I already had my parents' permission to spend the night, so I had her drop me off at my house so I could get a few things, and then I walked over to Eric's.

We shared his bed, and I could see then just how much having his father in his life meant to him. It's something I take for granted, but for him it meant having the man that helped bring him into the world now finally with him after going so long without him or even knowing what he's like. We had what was probably the most intense sex ever that night and I feel closer than to him now than I have ever felt before.

I didn't open my envelope until I went home the next day, and the suspense was killing me! Inside of it was a letter from Eric Sr. telling me how grateful he was that I was with Eric, and some other things that I'd rather not share because they're personal, and also another small envelope with the words "You'll know what to spend this on" written on it. When I opened that one it contained a new fifty-dollar bill !

Eric didn't let me read his letter, but he told me that his father shared with him some personal stuff, but one thing he did share with me was that his Dad was pleased that he had come to terms with his sexuality at a early age and had a steady boyfriend. He also gave him ten fifty-dollar gift certificates from JCPenney with instructions to buy anything he wanted -- he spent most of that money on new clothes.

I've learned something from all of this, and that is to never take people for granted.

Think about it.

More Changes

For Thanksgiving my family drove to my cousin's to stay for that weekend (a five hour drive!) and when we sat down to eat our turkey my Mom made an announcement that floored all of us: She's four months pregnant!

Stunned doesn't quite seem to describe how we felt, but we're all very happy about all of this, and to make things even better it's going to be a boy!! My Mom wants my brother and I to name him, and we still haven't decided on his names yet, but we have time. One thing for certain is that he'd not going to be circumcised!

My Mom told my brother and I that the night she found out that she was pregnant was the night that we both came out to her, and the shock of that along with her surprise pregnancy caused her to freak out on us. She told us that the doctor warned her that this pregnancy will be very risky because of not only her age, but because of some other medical problems that she has, and he even suggested that she consider not having it. . . she also told us that she had a test done to see what the baby's gender was, if it had been a girl she would have aborted, but when she found out it's a boy that changed everything! She's going to be bedridden for the remainder of the pregnancy, so my brother and I are going to have to help her out a lot at home, but we don't mind because we're getting a new brother!!! I just can't wait to hold him!

So what did I spend that fifty dollars on?


I want to see my brother grow up!!!

Until we next meet!


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