Letter from the Editor

January 1998

A new year ahead, as Oasis begins its third year.

As promised previously, I said I'd give an update on the First Internet Survey of Queer and Questioning Youth, which Oasis sponsored online with Out Proud. If you missed it, the survey had more than 150 questions covering everything from school life to community, from safer sex awareness to self-esteem and your hopes for the future.

While it is too soon and too broad a survey to announce findings of any sort, here are some statistics about the more than 3,000 youth who responded to the survey and spent, on average, thirty minutes to tell us about themselves.

The median age of the respondents was 17.1 years old and the youngest was ten. Responses were provided by 2,380 males (78%), 649 females (21%), 6 F2M (0.02%) and 24 M2F (0.8%) transgendered individuals.

Several educational institutions, researchers and other groups are going through the survey, and are pulling data relevant to their area of expertise. The raw data is now available to qualified researchers and national magazines.

Beyond that, there are a few things to look forward to in coming months. Oasis will be changing its delivery structure in the near future, so that we don't put out a monumental amount of copy each month but rather have mini doses throughout the month.

By mid-year, I also hope to appoint an editor to take over the helm for me and keep Oasis thriving as I pursue other interests.

In any event, have a great year. Hopefully, reading Oasis will help you feel better about yourself with each coming month, because despite Ellen and all the media circus about sexuality... it is still a desert out there.



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