Love's Perfect Rose

By Ron Belgau

Eden's bower grows love's perfect Rose,
Its petals washéd by the Blood of Christ,
Which from Mount Calvary's Rugged Rock still flows,
And gives us strength to struggle t'wards the light.
Two Lovers sought this rose o'er hill and dale,
In snake-infested swamps with struggles grim,
Until they met the Shepherd in the vale,
And sought the way to find the Rose from Him.
"The Rose in Eden grows, and I the Gate,
Alone can give thee right to taste its bloom;
For he who does not follow Me and wait,
Shall pluck a lesser flow'r and taste its gloom.
My gracious slavery shall set thee free,
My ravishing preserve thy chastity."


A Friend Indeed

By Ron Belgau

Two men, both ill, travelling together,
Down a dreary road in death's deep shadow.
Storm clouds dark foretell of evil weather,
And from the sky fall freezing flakes of snow.
No cottage window offers hope or light,
No hope! But they travel on together,
Together seeking shelter from the night,
Each in pain, yet each will help the other.
Along the way they meet the great physician,
Whose swift skill soon begins to ease their pain,
And soon three dance in humble adoration,
Where once two struggled vainly, sick and lame.
Such was I, my life as much unraveled --
I thank God, and he who with me traveled.

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