Untitled #112

By Jonathon Franklin

I only write
When I'm not crying
Maybe that's why I haven't written lately
It all just seems...

1:30 AM

Untitled #124

By Jon Franklin

Living in a tunnel
Seeing nothing
Feeling nothing
Never daring to open my eyes
Fearing what I may see
Walking blind
Blind no more
I looked into the eyes of the monster
And saw a reflection
I have waged war with myself and won
I have come through
I was born tonight

1:18 AM

For Laura Grapp, who brought me through

Hell: An Alternate View

By Jonathon Franklin

No flames
No grinning demons wielding pitchforks
No damned souls screaming for mercy
Only darkness
All eternity to mourn the stillbirth of what could have been
Hell is two words:
"Too late."

9:16 PM


City Limits

By Jonathon Franklin

I gave you my heart
You gave me your hatred
I gave you my soul
You gave me your sickness
I gave you my blood
You gave me your blade
You kick me
You beat me
You cut me
Never again
No more will my flesh
Feed the black beast at your fetid heart
Goodbye, Mother

12:41 AM

After the End of the World

By Jonathon Franklin

You thought your great monuments
Would last forever
Behold your woman
Her lantern cast aside
Welcoming no more
To the charnel house
Sunk beneath the waves
Behold your woman
Nothing lasts forever

12:43 PM

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