I Don't Exist

By Lincoln Ho

Why am I always the person left out?
I try and try my best
But nothing becomes of me.
Is the best just not good enough?
Or is it just favoritism towards others?
I respect people but do they to me?
I clean-up after people that leave a big mess,
I get items for people that are too lazy to get them,
I hold the door for people that don't want to,
I serve people water when they're thirsty;
But all I just get is a "F-k Off!"
And a splash in the face.
When I'm in charge, no one shuts up,
When I'm nice, they're all mean to me.
Am I just an invisible person?
No one notices me; they just make fun of me.
Why am I always the odd person out?
There's never any room for me.
And when there is,
It's just because there's no one else left.
I'm just a rotten apple that nobody wants;
And some brussel sprouts that people hate.
I'm the letter Z which is always last;
And a spec of dust that no one sees.
I'm a simple thought that no one remembers;
And some filthy slime that people get rid of.
I suck at everything that I ever try.
I suck at writing, yelling, and singing.
I can't swim or ride a bike.
I'm the slowest eater and I have no friends.
I mumble, I fiddle, I embarrass myself.
I just sit in a corner alone and isolated.
I try to cry but all the tears are dried up.
I try to yell but all that comes out is a dull whisper.
I try to smile but it always turns out upside-down.
My pride is drained out,
My morale has gone,
And my spirit is dismissed.
The world has no colors to me and
My favorite food has no taste to me.
I'm just a nobody
And all I just want is
to let somebody know that I exist.
One single person is all I need.

Lincoln Ho, tci@iname.com
July 21, 1997
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