One Night Standard

By Erwin Jaeger

standing in a closet elevator
going down through the floors
as my feet feel numb
My shirt is ripped & bloody
My eyes watering from the smoke
My pants are soaked from pre-cum and sweat
My heart is pumping faster to compensate for the lack of oxygen
My wallet is empty of razors, rubbers, money & cigarettes
I'm too far from death & too close to live to see its benefits.
|my stomach is a mess
and the only thing that I can think of
without blessing the floor with my inner most...last meal
Is that one night standards aren't for everyone and
everyone deserve to know it!

High School Memories

By Erwin Jaeger

Dare I dream of A time and place
Were everyone did know my face
but all did fail to see
the face and mask that shadowed me

Sleeping days and moon lit nights
where all my work was done with flights
of bitter cool insanity
where nightlife was a mystery
I'd job the job and walk the walk
Id mock the chicks, the geeks the jocks
And rage in total apathy
Blind to those so close to me
High school was a bitch

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