A Song of Silence

By Earle Ratcliffe

I know you haven't noticed
But I've been here all along.
Sitting in my shadowed corner
Singing my silent song.

You simply cannot know
The depths of my frustration
Trying to crawl out of the abyss
A silent scream of desperation.

You may think I'm just shy,
That I'm really doing ok.
It just doesn't occur to you why.
You know I can't be....that way.

You don't really know me,
But would you like to try it?
Singing softly, together,
No longer silent, but quiet.


I, the Moon

Here I be, a shape of silver
sitting in the sky.
A Luminescent
All alone, but why?

So isolated, I sit here
amongst a billion stars.
And 'tho they seem so very near,
they're all so very far.

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