February 1998

Greetings -- I hope you all are enjoying 1998!

Since my first article last December I realized that I never really introduced myself (and I kind of dropped the ball with my January article)! So, here it goes!

I am 18 and go to a local Community College up here by Redmond, Washington. No, I don't know Bill Gates. No, I've never seen Bill Gates. NO! I WAS NEVER MOLESTED BY BILL GATES! [shudder] [That, by-the-way, was a pretty good example of my humor... it sounds better when I say it aloud, I'm sure...]

I'm 18. I'm queer. I'm a virgin. I've never had a boyfriend or girlfriend. I'm stage managing the show "Angels in America, Part One: Millennium Approaches" at school, and holding down a morning job at a bookstore coffee shop. Now, "Angels" is a REALLY gay show, but is not really about exclusively-gay issues. As the stage manager, I'm the controller of the show! I'm responsible for the run once the director has given her final notes. I'll call the lighting, sound, and tech cues and keep track of all of my actors.

I say I'm queer because I don't really see another label that describes me. I go for guys, but there's that girl every once in a while that just makes my jaw drop. Personally, I'm someone who thinks that sexuality is a spectrum of grays, and few are truly black or white. I'm somewhere on the "gay" side of things, but still drift into heterosexuality when the right gal comes around!

I'm a pretty straight (pun?), clean guy... I don't drink, smoke, or do drugs because I think it pollutes your body and I really want to keep care of mine. Sure, this kind of puts a rift between me and the masses, but I can still go to parties and have fun (and I do!) "I'll drive you home if you promise not to puke in my car!"

I listen to jazz, classical, show tunes, some alternative (Blues Traveler, TMBG), "lounge" music (Combustible Edison, Squirrel Nut Zippers), and some good old-fashioned pop. Female harmonies are just awesome to me... I love En Vogue's early style (haven't heard that much new stuff). I sing a bit myself, mostly in the shower and during the commute!

I want to go into technical theater as a career. I'd like to do lighting design, stage management, or both. I've got an artistic eye for lighting, but I've got the patience and organization of a stage manager. I'm using "Angels" as a kind of test to see where I'm really going... Is management something that will work for me in the future?

I'm also thinking about where I want to go to school... Sure, I'm going to community college right now, but I definitely don't want to stay there forever. I'm thinking Cornish College of the Arts (expensive school on Capitol Hill), but I'll have to take out MUCHO student loans to go there.

What am I looking for in a future boy/girlfriend? Probably way too much -- but that's another article.

Well, this article was due 10 minutes ago, and I need to open the coffee shop tomorrow... Talk to you all later!


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