Robbie Gill

February 1998



Today, I was thinking. I asked myself, could I be bi?

considering the fact I don't believe in bisexuality.

I mean I can understand men liking men

women liking women

and men and women liking each other

but how can you go from point a liking what a man's got

to point b liking what a woman's got in 10 min. time?

you're either gay or straight

but today I realized I'm in love

with a girl

we are going on a date tonight

I like her mentally not physically

she doesn't turn me on that way

not like a hot guy

so technically I don't like what woman has in her shirt or down her pants

but I like a good personality

although on a man I'm attracted to physical beauty

and mental if he has it

does this make me bi?

does this mean I can love anyone?

thinking on the future

sex is really big part in long term relationship

so if I marry a women,

how can I go along without sex?


Oh well talk to you later


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