Lincoln Ho

February 1998

Hi people.

My name hasn't changed from last month, it's still Lincoln Ho and I am still gay. More about me is that I am involved in the Royal Canadian Air Cadets and I have won first place in a mathematics (Gauss) contest across the nation when I was in grade seven.

This is my second column to Oasis and I think that my first column did quite better than I thought. I got a reasonable amount of mail from it and I'm happy with that, although more mail would be appreciated (positive or negative is fine with me). Please don't mind this column because I have just half an hour before my deadline for handing this column in to Oasis.

I would like to say that I agree with what Aztec said about last month on almost every note he had. I mean what thirteen year old goes around having sex all the time. The person he's talking about has slept with some girl and then says he's gay. What is the problem with that? The problem is that this person is probably not a real person and is made up or something. I think society as a whole wants to read something like that type of column and it's working for some people, including me to go and read it every week. I don't totally believe his story either because of what is put in it. If you went out and had sex and then told your parents and the rest of the world through Oasis, I think that you would have a bit of a problem.

About Aztec's views about chat rooms, I agree with you him too. There is no chat room I have been that doesn't talk about cyber or that sort of perverted stuff. Also, I definitely agree with him about the connection between the word gay and sex. I've been out to my school for quite a while and people always harass me about having it with some guy and this nonsense. I don't think people know the true meaning of homosexuality. Anyone who's gay isn't a sex maniac or a pedophile or anything. Were just normal people (and I mean NORMAL) sauntering around on the surface of this planet.

Also about my school, whenever I walk down the halls corridors of the building, I always hear sick perverted jokes about me and people (both genders) are either staring at me or giving me room to walk so I don't "take advantage" of them, or give them gay germs or something. I am verbally, and sometimes physically harassed everyday in my school and there is nothing I can do in my power to do. In the Alberta rights or whatever, I have no rights or anything to protect me from that.

Even about the article I tried to print in my own newspaper had to go through the process of a month's editing and approval before it actually got on paper, which took another week to print. All of the other articles in the paper don't need to at all. I just don't understand the reason. I mean having swears in an article is allowed while my article wasn't? I just don't understand.

Anyway, I think this is all I have to say for this month including a happy birthday to myself and wishing that gays will have rights in Alberta for a start. Also, as usual, I include a poem in here (trying to every month) but I don't know if it has to be on a gay topic because I have hundreds (OK, about forty) poems that I would like to put in here. This week's poem of mine is called "My Path". I have sent it in to many different poetry contests and haven't gotten anything from anyone. Tell me what you think about it!

Also, if you would like to read my review of Titanic, you can ask me for it since Oasis wouldn't allow it because it is not a gay theme or something. And there is a review for my poem by my teacher if you'd like to read it. I NEED MAIL!!! In the meantime, be safe and have a great Valentine's day & hope people had a Happy Chinese New Years (Jan 28)!


My path

My path in life.
Why do people have to choose it for me?
I have to follow a road of prosperity; I have to follow a road of fame.
Why can't I just go along it my own way?
I can learn from falling and tripping on it.
I can learn to backtrack when I'm lost.
There are such variety of paths in life and I have to be confined to one.
I am my own self, my own personality,
And I am responsible for the path I choose.

I choose a path with many obstacles on it,
So I can learn, by myself, how to get around them.
If along the path I go, it is darkened,
I can always look for a torch to light up my journey.
If along my path the way is severed by a gap,
I can always find a bridge to get to the other side.
I am mature enough to go my own destination, in my own way.
Anyway, life for me seems to be too short.
I can't listen to someone make my decisions for me,
I have to make the most of life; and live it to the fullest.
I'll be contented even if I can't make it to the end,
But at least I'll know that I did my best to get there.

If I close my eyes now, and visualize me going along my path,
I can guide myself through the signs and barriers that point me to a different direction
It's my path and I can choose it for myself.

Lincoln Ho

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