James W.

February 1998

Well I know that I said merry Christmas and happy new year in my last article, but it was written before any of that happened so I'm going to start off by talking about what happened over Christmas break.

Christmas break started off pretty good. I wrote my last exam a day earlier so I could go home, hopped the train that night and was home around midnight VIA rail takes forever but that's another story. I got home and was glad to be there because I would have more to do than up in Sarnia where I spend most of my time on the Internet on IRC (on the undernet as Kards18 for those of you who don't know). I was also looking forward to coming home because it would be the first time I had been home since I came out to my mother and her boy friend (I'll call him Dan, not his real name of course) and I was kind of anxious to see how it would go. I had been around them both since coming out but not for a very long period of time and I knew my mother was accepting of it because she came to a PFLAG meeting with me in December, but I think I mentioned that last month.

Well, all has been going well, I'm back up in Sarnia and have started second semester. Not much was said, however, I did have a good conversation with Dan about it. He seems cool about it and we joked around a bit which was cool. Although right now my main problem is that my mother does not say much about it, when I came out I was expecting to be playing 20 questions and she didn't really ask anything except when did I start feeling this way. In many ways, I wish she had asked more but in some ways I'm glad that she didn't ask too many questions. Oh well ...

New Years was great. I had a gay friend from Sarnia down and we had a good time. It was great to have someone around that I could talk openly to especially when we were out and a cute guy walked by. The only problem was that my sister still doesn't know so we couldn't be open around her, but all in all it was a great time.

Still haven't seen Titanic, but I've tried two times. The first time they couldn't get the movie working and the second time they we're sold out, so I'm still trying. When a movie comes out with such a hot actor in it, I've just got to see it.

Oh, one last thing, at the PFLAG meeting this month we were using the Internet and showing sites that we liked and I showed off this one. Everyone in the group thought the site was a really good idea. Well, I think I've written enough for this month and I'm probably boring you so I'll just say to all of you reading, stay proud and never think little of yourself and also thanks to all of you who mailed me. I love getting e-mail and I hope I responded to everyone. See you all next month.

James W. a.k.a. Kards18

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