February 1998

OK, onto my second draft of a column. Second? I suppose the first outing was a little to negative, too bitchy. I tried to keep something slightly light-hearted, though. Y'see, my major problem is when I'm talking about things in the world, things that affect me, I get morbid. Morbid, paranoid, depressed. I suppose in this life, it's something you get used to. Disappointments, I mean. Lord knows I've had enough of them.

Oh well, that's the introduction & philosophy out of the way. Let's get down to business. What should I talk about? Suggestions, email me, address at the bottom of the page. Oh, I know. Television. Something that (almost) everyone watches. This last month, there has been a few interesting developments.

No.1 Chat shows are my life. I don't let many people get close to me, I make sure hardly anyone knows me beneath the 'shell' I put up. So, for that reason, I watch the shows. It helps to put perspective on things, watching other peoples problems. You can relate to what people are feeling, what their problems are through looking at yourself in a mirror. No matter how different these people seem, something can link you.

Anyway, this show formed more of a 'link' than most. The name, 'Esther', the subject 'Should Gay's Have Children?'. Surprisingly, the audience didn't seem to be biased more to one side. The split seemed to be roughly 50:50.

OK, I know I go on with myself. So, 'to the chase'. What bothered me, was the fact that a core of people were on that show, voiced their opinions that Gay's were 'unnatural'. Through my memory, the exact phrase an incredibly biased woman said, was 'God made man AND woman. What does that tell us about men with men? Women with women? It is wrong, a sin'. Now, I know to expect incredible prejudices in my life, I am in the minority on more than one case, that I will go into later.

The 'god' section is what bothers me. Why-oh-why-oh-why and how can someone appoint themselves the spokesperson to the almighty? I don't personally believe in 'God' in the sense of Christian. I'm a Wiccan. There, that's your controversial #2. Paganism is not something that is widely accepted, and for the record, I'm not a devil worshiper. We don't believe in the devil.. That's Christian.

No.2 About 2 weeks ago, I read in the Daily Mail about a Gay TV channel on cable and satellite. The ITC (Our TV regulators) had approved it, but the public were not happy. They were not happy at-all. I think that's enough information. The channel would be encrypted, and not on until the early hours of the morning. You wouldn't be able to watch it unless you were over 18. So what's the problem? It's Gay. There are plenty of Heterosexual soft porn channels, so why not gay? Is it to shocking for the public to cope with? Probably.

That, as they say, is that. Oh, controversial admission #1: I'm Gay.

Love you all my darlings,


PS. Love to hear from you all. Send mail to neil_mcknight@yahoo.com.

PPS. I'm going to go and see 'In & Out' with Kevin Kline on the 13th when it comes out here in the UK. I spent two hours downloading a trailer for it, 'This had better look like a BLOODY good film' because after spending all that time waiting, I was ready to kill someone if it turned out to be a turkey. One can just imagine the look on a police report: 'It was the Gay son, next to the computer, with the mouse cable.'

PPPS (Is that right?) quick mention for the FABULOUS Stuart Mackenzie. Love him loads, read his column (Sorry, Stuart, I just had to cut this down. Give you more next time out-get it? Out? Oh, forget it!), but keep your hands off, he's mine!!

And finally, Neil isn't my real name, it's a pseudonym. Just had to say that. Bye-bye.

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