Gay jock says: You're not alone!!!

To all jock gay teens you are not alone. I am 17 and very involved with school sports. I play football and wrestling. I am writing this because I always felt that I didn't belong on the team because of me being gay. I was amazed to find out that I wasn't the only gay on the team.

Most atheletes feel if they come out in the open then they will not be able to play. Alot of them hold everything inside until they can't take it any more. This is my opinion that gay athletes have the most stress on them these days. They have to always keep up their grades, make a good impression on the team, and try to fit in with people.

This could lead to stress and depression if not taken care of poperly. TO ALL TEENS, you must find some one you can talk to. Help is every where nowadays.

Remember this, being gay does make you different, but that is what makes you more special.

Your friend,
Greg Congdon


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