Letter from the Editor

February 1998

February, the month you know you're not dating someone. Actually, Hallmark is putting the pressure on people early this year, as Valentine's Day cards replaced Christmas cards in most stores. The cards telling each of us we have a month and a half to find someone to give it to, or to stick it out with someone for another month and a half, whichever the case may be.

I've always been jaded about Valentine's Day. I passed it off as a Hallmark-induced holiday forcing people to buy things for people to show they care. Don't get me wrong, that part does exist. But now, I see more to it. Underneath the hype and the consumerism, everyone takes a moment each year to think about love. Given the age we live in, that's actually phenomenal.

Of course, as a hopeful romantic (as the PC police have barred use of 'hopeless' anymore), I think about love far too often. For many fags, it seems love is primarily used to modify other verbs (i.e. "I would love to (insert sexual act) that guy over there.") But I think of it as the ideal, seemingly unachievable, goal in life.

My biggest pet peeve is that I have to use the same words as other people to define my goals. When asked, I say I'm looking for a relationship. The problem is I know a lot of people, many of them friends, who sleep around a lot and also list "a relationship" as their goal. That seems to cheapen my words, but I guess there's no way around it.

Anyhow, enough of my ranting.

Oasis seems thin this month:

I had a serious hard drive crash last week, during which a lot of files were lost. Some of those files were content for this month's issue. So, if you submitted something and it isn't here, send it again ASAP and I'll update the page. Also, ALL my e-mail is lost, so anything you haven't heard back from me on, you won't. That includes assistant editorship requests for Portable Pride.

Survey update:

We're hoping to post the entire list of survey results in the March issue. This actually takes work, as we don't have the cool statistical software that would supposedly make this easy. As it is now, we have to do calculations for each question to ascertain each total and then do the percentages. If it was simply kicking out percentages, they would have been posted by now.

March issue:

Tentatively, this will be the music issue, although if certain things align, I might push the music issue back a month. We'll see. Too soon to say.

Daily Oasis updates:

It's supposedly happening this month. Tell me what you think. This is just the prototype, the design, features, etc. are still flexible. Also, how many people would prefer we create a channel that is updated daily? Let me know at jeff@oasismag.com



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