three poems by j burns


i want to be pulled on with your breath
like the cigarette you're nurturing
i want you
addicted to me
I want your lips around me
I want your fingers wrapped

and i will fill your lungs like smoke
you cannot resist another

knocking against the wood

after you left my foot shakes against the underside of the table and the girl sitting next to me looks at me as though she can see through my thin skin and my hurt is obvious
the way it wasn't to you
at least
this time when you left
i did not want to follow
you did not look back
as i watched you leave

your hair in summer

your hair caught sun and turned it red
in tight curls that you let grow out
three months free from school
you used them to run and swim
and laught and camp

while i was going though my summer of
drug abuse physical assault schizophrenia
adultery and self-depreciation

I couldn't open up to you
so yesterday I see you inside
and think how I don't like to see you that way
because you belong outdoors
and now your hair has grown dark in winter
and you can't see that I'm trembling
because I barely recognize you

you were surreal, like a living memory
its been so long and I fear I'm not part of your life
that I never ever was

in summer I watched your back in awe
in winter I wish I was with you
though your hair is not the same


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