James W.

March 1998


This month I am going to talk about some other things besides my life as not much has been going on there. Lately, I have been getting sick of watching television. Sure, there are a lot of cute guys there but why can't they show someone growing up gay? I must admit that Ellen has done a lot for lesbians and gays but I would personally like to see a family sitcom show one of the young people on the show discover that he is gay and show how he deals with it up until he comes out and beyond. That would be a show that I would watch every episode of.

Unfortunately, television still shows gays and lesbians in a bad light, laughing at us and basically telling the world that it is wrong to be who you are, but I must say that we have come along way and are making progress as well despite television parents seem to be dealing much better with their children coming out to them. I know that not all parents have come around but it is a start. Since I have been hanging around many gay friends, all but one has come out to their parents and all who have come out have had their parents accept them and it has brought them closer together as a family.

All I can say about coming out is that it has been the best thing I have ever done. Since I have come out I have been much happier and have had less stress which has brought my marks in school and right now about the only thing that would make me happier is a boyfriend and I'm working on that one. But back to what I was talking about, (what was that again, oh yeah, coming out.... I think) I guess there is not much more to say except that if you are thinking about coming out, look around on the net there are some great coming out resources both for the person coming out and some great stuff to give to your parents to help them deal with what you have just told them.

Well have a great March break to everyone I know. I will and I may even be in Toronto for a few days and I'll talk to you all again for April.

James W. a.k.a. Kards18 (on IRC)

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