March 1998

I'm back after all this time! Sorry for the dissapeareance! What happened is that my computer's hard drive went berserk and my modem too and even today my PC freezes quite frequently. But I promise to you all that I will still be writing because I do like it. Well enough about that, let's get to update you guys on what I have been doing.

Well my life has been very stable lately. I have my daily routine, etc., etc. It's very normal I would say. Except for the fact that I'm going to a psychologist because supposedly my dad wants to make better communication with me. It would be easier if he would have just told me, "Hey son, we need to talk" instead of spending $$$$$ on a lousy psychiatrist. But, on the positive side, I'm learning a lot about myself so I can't really complain. On the emotional/love side, everything is calm. Too calm, I would say... Well, every now and then, something happens. Someone did this or did that ,but no biggies lately. I'm going on a trip to Mexico next May to meet up with some pals from the IRC.

Last night I got to see "Beautiful Thing." Great Movie! I loved it to the very end. It's so great, you guys should look for it at your local video store and rent it, because I've been searching the Web to buy it but prices for it are a little high.. $75.00 or more... But it is so great. It's about two 16-year-olds falling in love, etc., etc. Gay love and love itself... it's so... oh how can I explain? It's like having a blindfold on and just going with the flow of things no matter what they are...

Well, next month, I'll have something good coming up so stay tuned! love you all! Write me or contact me on Undernet IRC or ICQ 1397210.



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