Ken Melanson

March 1998

Old Habits are Hard to Break

Well, it's been a while since I sent in a column to Oasis. Too long in fact. I have been trying to find some time, and a subject to write about, but I've been so busy trying to get my grades back up that I have not even had a chance to write. On top of which, there have been so many different things happening in my life which have taken a toll on me, and have had me busy. But I guess I'd better update you on things.

Well, since I last wrote, which was probably about 5 months ago, Donovan and I have still remained together, despite incredible fights and disagreements, which would normally separate a couple. Things in our relationship have changed though. Since I moved in, I didn't quite feel at home in the apartment we shared. I mean, I did, but I didn't. He had shared the apartment with a previous boyfriend, and now that we were together, I felt as though, it was not my place to be. However, we soon remedied that problem. On December 23rd, we began moving into a new apartment, and I might add a much better one! The building is brand new, and so everything in the apartment, right down to the carpet. I have to admit, moving out of my mom's for the first time in my life was exciting, but moving to a new place, was hardly fun. On top of which, we still have to pay for renting the truck, because my mom didn't paid for it, and then we forgot about it. Oh well...that's life I suppose.

As for life, well things for me are going okay. School hasn't been the best it could be, lately. I've been sick with the flu, which doesn't exactly want to go away. Because of this, I've had to miss some classes, which is a bit of a piss off, and means that I have to make up the work, eventually. This has thrown my entire life in to a bit of turmoil, because I don't really have the time to make up the work, which sucks. But since my education depends on these grades, I sort of have to. What a dilemma! SMU also sent me a note that my qpa is below the limit and that if I don't get my marks up, I'll have to take a year off from my degree. At this point in my life, I wouldn't mind, because I really don't want to finish my degree, for some reason. My friend Theresa, whose name I know spelt wrong, told me that I should do what I think is best with regards to my program, but I don't know what to do. My mother is on one side saying I need an education to survive, and I can't help but agree, meanwhile, I don't want to keep going! I don't know what to do. All I know is that university is VERY EXPENSIVE!

With regards to other things, well there are so many new faces in my life! In November I welcomed into my life Theresa. A really wonderful and very kind bus driver who I met by chance in the first snow storm we had around here. I was trying to get to Clayton Park, but then realized it was hopeless and was going to try to go home. Theresa was supposed to drive the way I wanted to go (heading for home), but was stuck at the top of the hill, it was too icy. So, I walked up to her bus and waited with her, in the warmth, rather then in the cold. We chatted and have become good friends. I also got to meet her rather, wacky and crazy partner Sharon. I have to say, they were made for each other, because they are exact copies. I also welcomed into my life Brenda, who is a really nice bus driver, who happens to live down the road from my uncle! I always take time out to see them and say hello to them, they are the nicest people, I've ever seen. If any of you are readers from Halifax, and you see Theresa, Sharon, or Brenda around, you should always say hello to them! They are the nicest people you'll ever have driving you around the city!

I also had the chance to welcome back into my life, my dearest friend Evan. He left my life in a rather stupid way, which I have to say was the worst thing I ever did. I don't want to go into what happened, because quite frankly it's a private matter, but I am glad that we were able to work things out. The rather sad thing, for me, was that it wasn't in time for Christmas. We made up after that. I am kicking myself for not having done it sooner, because I think it would've been really nice had it happened near Christmas, but, we're friends now, and that's all that matters. What is nice about having Evan back though, is the fact that he is such a nice guy. I mean he's younger than me, and people tend to think bad things if a younger guy spends time with an older one, but I find that with Evan, our relationship has grown far beyond friends. I told him the other week that I considered him the younger brother I never had, and to be quite honest it's true. I don't have any siblings and Evan, I think, personifies what a younger brother should. I don't think I've come to care for a person as much, as I have for Evan, except of course for Donovan. He surpasses everyone! One thing I noticed with Evan though, which I find rare in people, is that we can sit there, and talk about absolutely nothing! He has the nicest attitude of all the people I've ever met. I don't know what I'd do if I lost him again...and if he goes away to college I know I'll cry when he leaves. Of course, I'd cry if any of my friends left, but more so with Evan. Evan, if your reading this, welcome home bro.

Well two days ago was Valentine's day. I had a great one, as always! I made my sweetheart some dinner (steak, my specialty) and then last night we went to see Titanic, finally! I have to say that is the most amazing movie I HAVE EVER SEEN! James Cameron was right when he called it his crowning achievement! I saw a special about the movie, and apparently the movie was 6 hours when it was finally put together and when ever Cameron had to edit parts out, he cried! I can understand that! The ironic thing about Titanic though, is that part of the movie was shot here in Halifax, Nova Scotia! Yes, that's right, part of the movie Titanic was filmed here! If you don't believe me, I challenge you to stay through the credits of the movie. You will see that there is a Halifax crew that shot footage here. Now, there are no visible shots of the city, however, all the shots of the Russian science ship and of the old women flying in on the helicopter and all the interior of the science ship, they were done here in Halifax. As well, the shot of her at the railing with the jewel was done here. There was a scene, which I think should never have been cut, that was done here. It involved the old women, her daughter and the scientists going to the Titanic graves (located here in Halifax). While there, the ghost of Jack Dawson (DiCaprio) comes back and talks to her. He then tells her he loves her. I am not sure what else happens, but it sounds heart wrenching. The funny thing was, while here, some of the crew got food poisoning. I think DiCaprio did too? I can't remember, it was in the local papers. It's still hard to think that little old Halifax was a part of such a huge movie!

Well I can't really think of anything else to say, so I guess I will close this article. Before I close, I want to pose a question for you all. Since February 16th is Canada Heritage Day...I want to know what you think of Canada? What do you know of it's geography? How many famous Canadian's can you name? Think about it and then e-mail me your comments. I'll then post your comments in my next article. Until then, I will see yah later, and remember, sex is fun, but safe sex is better!

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