March 1998

Welcome back Oasis readers for the wonderful month of March. I didn't really plan on writing anything special this month. Actually nothing planned at all. So now I decided to just sum everything I could say in these few poems I wrote since last time:

* * *

THE DANCE- I went to Winter Formal with my friends, but I couldn't get the boy I like off my mind. I had fun anyway.

I went with the crowd
but still eerily alone
as I entered the door
my arm was light
because it wasn't holding you
but my imagination still works fine
and I have a good time
danced to a slow song
yet still eerily along
as I watch the couple in front
making out non-stop
but my imagination still works fine
and I have a good time

* * *

CIRE ZELAZNOG- turn the title around and it spells the one I'm hopelessly in love with

you are the one
whom I hate to love
as you have left me
waiting for the words
"it can never be"
to echo from your lips
and let it begin
and let it end
because if you don't
I'll be forever left alone
holding onto memories
of things we have not done
so cut me free
and let it end
to be free of the one
whom I hate to love

* * *

THE COYOTE- about a straight boy who has this way of teasing me because he knows I used to like him

Tell me your dreams
as you always do
so who do you want to do first?
that's a pity
because I'd like you to do me
at least once
who knows- it could be good
but you wouldn't be into it
tell me what you'd wear
even show some skin here and there
you know it turns me on
but torture me anyway
I never have, not will, love you
so I'd might as well close my eyes
and get your tongue out of my mouth

* * *

THE RAIN- on a typical el Niño day in Southern California, even my friends are having boy trouble. At least I'm not alone in my quest.

I was on the phone
and she said how she misses him
"write me a poem"
about the rain
how it depresses me
about her Kevin
how he ignores her
Kevin, her, and the rain
how wet kisses are the best

* * *

I know, I know... seems my whole life is consumed by a love that I just can't reach. Maybe it is. February isn't the only month to write about love. And the chase is always fun. He keeps me on my toes too.

Adios for now, I'll be back next month with something more amusing -- I hope.


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