March 1998

"Talk revolution as if it matters now. I don't care anyway just give me what I want"

-- Billy Corgan

No other quote exemplifies my feelings right now. Maybe it's the overpowering nicotine buzz I'm having, or it's the fact that I'm sick of living on such a fucked up planet with such a fucked up race. I don't know. Why do we demand a revolution? Why do we fight for gay rights, or black rights, or women's rights? Because we're selfish. Because we're stupid. We've yet to figure out that no matter what, there's always going to be prejudice. Why? Because we're such a completely haughty species that we can't put blame on ourselves. We have to find a scapegoat. We have to have a sacrifice to give to the god we call humanity.

A human alone is not a bad thing. It has feelings. It has thoughts. It has dignity. But put it in a room with a few others, and it becomes a drooling waste of $19.40 worth of chemicals who can't think for itself and has to do what everyone else says. But who is "everyone else"? Everyone else is a leader these beings choose. The leader doesn't have to be human. It can be money, information, religion, computers, gods, drugs, sex, rock 'n roll; aka America: a great mass of drooling humans who "think" they can find truth on their CNN and newspapers. But CNN and newspapers are slanted. They'll have you believe what they want you to believe. Which brings us back to my drooling humans theory. They copy what the "leader" says. It's all fascism, and it'll all going to end, and the next race of beings won't give a flying fuck about it. They won't care about Ellen DeGeneres, Alexander the Great, or Will, a lowly high school student who thinks too much for his own good.

My thoughts on our little blue planet.




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